1. Completed building permit application.
    1. Online permit application services now available here.
  2. Include three (3) sets of plot plans drawn to scale which include:
    1. Lot and structure location and dimensions
    2. Location of the proposed structure on the lot (show distances to front, side and rear lot lines)
    3. Location of any existing structures on the property
    4. Location of easements on property
    5. Location of the private well and drain field if present or proposed on property
  3. Include three (3) sets of structural plans which include:
    1. Footing and foundation plan
    2. Roof plan or truss design package with engineer's seal on each sheet
    3. Floor plan(s). include engineered floor system plans if applicable
    4. Sizes, locations, and spans of all structural members(e.g. floor joists, rafters, girders, etc.)
    5. Wall section(s)
    6. Plans must be dimensioned and to scale
    7. All rooms must be labeled as to their use.
    8. Window/door sizes and locations
    9. Siding and roof covering materials
    10. Interior wall and ceiling finishes
    11. Wall, ceiling and floor insulation (R Values)
  4. Payment of permit fee.  Staff will help you calculate this fee if you need assistance.