Most health care plan policies already provide ambulance transport coverage, which is included in monthly premiums. However, the total cost may not be covered by all health plans. Even if the health plan covered 80% of the bill, one trip in an ambulance could still end up costing you. Please understand that Medicare and other health plans do not pay every claim. Generally health plans only pay for ambulance costs when the medical emergency is severe and no other transportation can be safely arranged.

A year's membership in the EMS*AID program is just $59.00. This means that EMS*AID could more than pay for itself in one trip alone. Emergency Medical Services will be provided to all citizens, regardless of their financial circumstances. If an ambulance responds but the patient is not transported, there will be no charge.


EMS*AID covers you and any other household member for emergency transportation to the hospital. The plan is available to all residents of Prince George County and the family members who live in the resident's household and, to individuals that work in Prince George County.

By joining EMS*AID, you get the same high-quality ambulance service offered to everyone who lives or works in Prince George County. Your membership in EMS*AID simply protects you from high costs associated with state-of the art ambulance transport and care.

To join the EMS*AID, you must complete the application and enrollment contract during the open enrollment period (November 1 through January 31 each year). Enrollment applications can be submitted throughout the year however, applications during Nov 1 - Jan 31 open enrollment period are strongly encouraged. Return the application to Fire and EMS with a check or money order for $59.00 (make checks payable to Treasurer, Prince George County). As soon as we receive your signed application and payment, you will be automatically enrolled in EMS*AID.

Coverage will begin from the date your signed contract and payment is received and continues through December 31, of the current year. Payments must be received by January 31. You will be offered the opportunity to enroll annually.

How will the billing process work?

The process is similar to that which happens when a person receives services from a doctor or other health-care provider. First, the patient receives the service: emergency ambulance transportation to a hospital emergency department. Second, a claim is sent to the patient's insurance provider. The patient then receives an Explanation of Benefits statement from the insurance provider showing the amount the insurance provider was billed and how much the provider paid toward the claim. The statement will also show what balance, if any, is owed by the patient for expenses such as co-payments or deductibles. Medicare beneficiaries may be billed for co-payments and deductibles if required by law. All other patients will be responsible for any amounts due.

For more information contact the Department of Fire and EMS (804-722-8623) or e-mail Fire and EMS. To download a copy of the subscription information, click here. For additional information on the Revenue Recovery Program, click here