February 27 Meeting Recap

BOS Receives FY ’19 Budget Proposal
From the County Administrator 

The Board of Supervisors at its February 27 meeting received the Budget proposal for FY 2018-19 from County Administrator Percy Ashcraft.

In a presentation that lasted just over 40 minutes, Ashcraft outlined the spending plan for FY ’19 that calls for new construction projects and an increase in real estate taxes to pay for them. 

In his proposal, Ashcraft recommended $36,933,531 in capital projects that will require the issuance of bonds.  The largest project would be providing funds for the construction of a new elementary school, which has an estimated cost of $29,101,406. 

 A Core Committee on School Construction had previously recommended the construction of two elementary schools and renovations of the high school as the highest priority.  The Capital Improvement Committee recommended construction of one elementary school, and Ashcraft followed that recommendation in his proposal.

 To pay for the elementary school and other capital projects, Ashcraft recommended the establishment of a Capital Construction Fund in which five extra cents on the real estate tax would be used to pay the debt service on the projects.  This would increase Prince George County’s real estate rate to 0.91 on $100 dollars of assessed value, and would require an amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Board of Supervisors and School Board. 

The proposed Budget also asks for an increase in water and sewer fees.  Water rates would increase by five percent and wastewater 10 percent. 

A contribution of $16,491,926 is included for operations for the Public School Division and $8,915,029 set aside to retire debt and contributions to debt reserves. 

Volunteer Fire & EMS programs are funded in the amount of $3,800,148.  The local share for the Comprehensive Services Act is proposed at $468,216. 

No new positions are requested by Ashcraft, but included in the proposal is a 16 percent increase in employee health insurance premiums and $200,000 set aside to begin implementation of an employee salary study that will be presented later this year. 

An emphasis on building maintenance would also be addressed through the proposed Budget, as $300,000 has been set aside to address various issues of concern. 

The total Budget is $116,804,394, which is 2.44 percent greater than FY ’18.  The General Fund Budget is $56,046,727, which is 4.65 percent more than FY ’18.  

Fund Balance as of June 30, 2019 is projected to be at 16.3 percent, above the County’s policy of 12.5 percent. 

A Public Hearing on the Budget will be held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 24 in the Board Room of the Administration Building. 

            Other matters to come before the BOS at its meeting: 

  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution appropriating $5,750 to the Maintenance Garage following the sale of a rotary lift. 
  • Unanimously approved awarding a contract of $1,195,000 to Enochs  Construction for the buildout of the Courthouse Basement. 
  • Unanimously approved revisions to the Employee Personnel Policy in the sections of Orientation; Promotion; Temporary Acting Positions; and Occupational Injury Death. 
  • Unanimously approved the reclassification of an employee in the Real Estate Assessor’s Office. 
  • Unanimously re-appointed Gail Vance to the Board of Grievance Appeals. 
  • Unanimously recommended Henry Geisz, Jr. to the Circuit Court Judge to fill an unexpired term on the Board of Equalization. 
  • Held a public hearing and unanimously approved a Special Exception for a Fire & EMS Burn Building.