Alex’s passion for community service began at a young age, and he has done what he can to act on that passion wherever he goes. He has volunteered his personal time helping out in nursing homes and walking dogs at the Humane Society, among other things.

“I was homeless growing up. I didn’t have parents, so I’ve always wanted to give back,” Alex said. “I started by doing ‘hush bags,’ which are brown paper bags that I would give to the homeless in the area. And on Thanksgiving, I would go to McDonald’s and purchase like 30 to 40 hamburgers, fries and drinks and go donate them to the homeless. I just wanted to give back.”

Alex’s goals for the volunteer group include receiving the necessary permissions and certifications to reach out to soldiers in other units at Fort Lee. He hopes to enlist more soldiers willing to volunteer their time with the PWD Volunteers group, as well as find more community service activities. Additionally, he hopes to see the group receive the Volunteer Service Medal, which involves the accrual of 400 community service hours, and eventually receive the Presidential Volunteer Award, which would be given to the Petroleum and Water Department and would involve the performance of 500 hours as a group combined.

Kelsey Reichenberg may be reached at or 804-722-5109.