January 23 Meeting Recap

BOS Adopts Three Ordinances
To Conform to Chesapeake Bay Act

The Board of Supervisors at its January 23 meeting adopted three ordinances that will bring Prince George County into compliance with the Chesapeake Bay Protection Act and meet state mandates.
Following a public hearing, the BOS unanimously approved three changes to local ordinances that are required under the Chesapeake Bay Protection Act.  The three ordinances strengthen current policies and also meet state requirements.
The ordinances adopted included:
Add the required elements of site plan to the Zoning Ordinance; rename the state group responsible for overseeing the Chesapeake Bay Program for the State of Virginia; add requirements for on-site sewage pump-out; and add notations for subdivision plats into the Subdivision Ordinance.
            Nobody spoke for or against the ordinances at the public hearing. 

            Other matters to come before the BOS at its meeting:
  • Issued a Commendation to the Prince George Parks & Recreation Senior Football Team for winning the Chesterfield Quarterback League in 2017. 
  • Received the Quarterly Financial Report. 
  • Received an update on the new Public Safety Radio project. 
  • Unanimously approved a Budget transfer from Contingency for $26,625 for a replacement vehicle in the Sheriff’s Office. 
  • Unanimously approved an appropriation and Budget transfer from the Contingency Fund for $17,250 to the Department of Social Services for laser fiche upgrades. 
  • Unanimously authorized the Fire & EMS Department to complete and submit a grant application to FEMA for replacement for Ambulance Fleet Number 110. 
  • Unanimously authorized the Fire & EMS Department to complete and submit a grant application to FEMA for a total replacement of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). 
  • Unanimously approved a resolution to award a contract to Fitch & Associates for $17,500 to assist in the development of a Fire & EMS strategic plan. 
  • Unanimously approved a resolution awarding a contract to Tyler Munis for $219,862.42 for software in the Department of Community Development & Code Compliance. 
  • Discussed the current Fund Balance policy and agreed to have it placed on a future BOS worksession agenda.