December 12 Meeting Recap
BOS Approves Special Exception
For Sheetz at Puddledock

The Board of Supervisors at its December 12 meeting approved a Special Exception that will allow a new Sheetz at Puddledock to have a car wash.

By a unanimous vote, the BOS voted for the car wash, which will be part of a larger retail convenience store with gas sales and a drive-thru restaurant.

There are currently no Sheetz stores located within Prince George County. It is to be located at the terminus of Temple Parkway, which is south of Temple Avenue.

Other matters to come before the BOS at its worksession and meeting:

• Received information on two utility projects that will be considered in the FY ’19 Budget discussions. The first is a water main extension on Route 156, and the second water improvements on the Food Lion system.

• Received explanation on the flow of funds coming from Dinwiddie County for mutual aid assistance by the Carson Volunteer Fire Department.

• Presented Commendations to Chairman Bill Robertson and Supervisor Hugh Mumford who were attending their last regular meeting.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda a Commendation for Treasurer Jean Barker, who is retiring December 31.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution of Official Intent to reimburse expenditures with proceeds of bonds or other indebtedness for Southpoint Utility Engineering Study Project.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda an appropriation of $160,306.02 from Cameron Foundation grant for Exit 45.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution appropriating District 19 Adult Education FY’18 revenue and expenditure increases in the amount of $29,251.59.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda appropriating funds received from Department of Defense and Cameron Foundation grants in the amount of $550,723.21; and grant increases in the amount of $16,103.

• Received the monthly VDOT report.

• Received a report on the FY’17 Financial Audit and unanimously approved acceptance as now outlined by state statute.

• Received an Economic Development Business Report for the period 2011-present.

• Approved by a 3-2 vote, with Chairman Robertson and Supervisor T.J. Webb dissenting, a budget transfer and appropriation increase to the Public School Division to provide billing relief for high billings at North Elementary School in the amount of $34, 091.40.

• Approved a pre-Budget worksession for Tuesday, January 16.

• Approved the 2018 Organizational Meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, January 3.

• Unanimously approved revisions to the personnel policy regarding Workers’ Compensation.