October 27, 2017
(Prince George, VA) – No Shave November – Prince George County Police and Sheriff’s Personnel to Participate for Cancer Awareness
We are proud to announce that effective November 1 – 30, Prince George County Police and Sheriff’s personnel will be participating, for the second year, in the “No-Shave November” campaign.  In support of our facilities custodian, Rita Webster, and all of the other folks in our community who are either fighting or fought the battle with cancer, we will be exempting our grooming requirements, as it relates to facial hair, throughout the month. 

The goal of “No-Shave November” is to promote cancer awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, with officers growing beards and goatees.  Participants are asked to donate $30.00 (one dollar per day) towards this cause.  

All collected monies will be donated directly to Ms. Rita Webster.  Rita, who is currently battling breast cancer, has been taking very good care of our police employees for over ten years; she is a loved member of our team!