September 26 Meeting Recap
BOS Accepts Design for
Route 10 Fire Station

The Board of Supervisors at its September 26 meeting accepted an architect’s design to construct a fully-built fire station at Route 10/Moody Road.

In previous discussions, the BOS was unsure whether a fully-built station was necessary since Burrowsville Volunteer Fire Department operated a full station further up Route 10. However, after receiving the architect’s report from Downey & Scott and listening to County Staff, volunteer fire personnel and citizens attending the meeting, they unanimously voted to move ahead with a fully-built station.

Part of the concern previously was also the cost of a fully-built station as opposed to a partial station that only included three bays and an office. The cost of the partial as presented by the architect was almost $1 million less than the fully-built proposal.

The architects pointed out the cost to add on to a partially-built station would cost the County about $400,000 in future years as opposed to building the full-station now. After discussing possible funding options with County Administrator Percy Ashcraft and Finance Director Betsy Drewry, the BOS decided to fund the difference out of Fund Balance up to $1.6 million.

The estimated cost for the fully-built station is $2.3 million, but firm numbers won’t be known until bids are received by contractors interested in building the facility.

The idea for a new station was generated as far back as 2007. Citizen and BOS interest was rekindled in late 2012 and the project was placed in the Capital Improvements Plan.

The station will not only reduce response times to residents in and around the Moody Road location, but will also reduce premiums for home owner insurance policies.

A ground breaking ceremony is scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday, October 12 at the location.

Other matters to come before the BOS at its meeting:

• Received concerns under Public Comment from two citizens from Jordan on the James subdivision regarding water quality.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda an appropriation of $36,501 from the sale of a utility truck.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda an appropriation of $13,671.50 for a Library of Virginia Records Preservation Grant.

• Received the Quarterly Financial report for the period ending June 30.

• Received an update on the Back to School Fair held August 24.

• Unanimously appointed Keith Rotzoll to the Friends of the Lower Appomattox Association Board of Directors.

• Unanimously accepted a deed of gift, easement and quitclaim of land and easements adjacent to the Pine Ridge Pump Station along Prince George Drive.

• Unanimously approved appropriation of grants, donations and capital balances of $3,105,408.30.

• Unanimously approved a budget transfer for the expansion of the Central Wellness Center and award of contract for split units for the first floor.