September 12 Meeting Recap
BOS Votes to Issue Employee Bonuses

The Board of Supervisors at its September 12 meeting voted to issue employment bonuses to full-time and certain part-time employees.

The one-time bonus, approved by the BOS by a 3-2 vote with Chairman Bill Robertson and Supervisor T.J. Webb dissenting, will be $1,250 for full-time employees, and $625 for part-time employees who work at least 15 hours per week. The total cost is $331,027.

The bonus will be given to employees on September 30.

A public hearing was held before the vote and unanimously authorized the BOS to provide employee bonuses as enabled by state law.

Other matters to come before the BOS at its worksession and meeting:

• Received a proposal to construct a new Tourism exhibit and a bust of Prince George of Denmark.

• Discussed technology security issues and the archiving of email, social media and texts for FOIA requests.

• Received an update on a proposal to remove stains from outside the Courthouse and Administration buildings.

• Received an update on the removal of certain trees at the Central Center.

• Received an update on a citizen request to cleaning up property on Union Branch Road.

• Received the monthly report from VDOT.

• Received a follow-up report on National Night Out held August 1.

• Received an update on stormwater projects.

• Appointed Jean Hill-Atkins to the Social Services Advisory Board.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda proclaiming September as Suicide Awareness Month.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Prince George Food Bank and Clothes Closet.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda an appropriation of $10,640.54 for insurance recovery funds.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda an Appropriation of $26,340 for Department of Motor Vehicles Highway Safety grants.

• Received a report on the plans for the Courthouse Basement buildout.

• Unanimously approved a resolution amending the Position Control Chart for the Police Department.

• Unanimously approved the re-appropriation of $274,763.62 for FY ’17 encumbrances/purchases orders.

• Unanimously approved the negotiated employment contract with the County Administrator.

• Disapproved a change in the Fund Balance policy to 15 percent by a 3-2 vote, with Chairman Robertson and Supervisor Webb supporting. A motion to change the Fund Balance to 14 percent died because of a lack of a second.

• Tabled consideration of an appointment to the Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR) Association.

• Held a public hearing and unanimously approved adoption of an ordinance to allow an exemption from payment of a vehicle license fee for certain County volunteers.