PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. – Homeowners are outraged after they said VDOT workers left sections of the road unpaved.

"It's better than it was but it's still like a half done job, it seems," said Larry Greenwood, who has lived on Horseshoe Road in Prince George County for about 10 years.

He's not alone with his sentiment.

"Some things that just seem like, even today, a month later, just seem unfinished" said Cole Sebald, who has lived on Horseshoe Road about a year.

Homeowners said for years, VDOT has come along and used tar and gravel to repair their road. So many were excited to see asphalt being put down about a month ago, but as time went by many began to notice they would pave a section, leave a section, pave a section – according to Barbara McCormack, who has spent nearly five decades living on Horseshoe Road.

"We thought they'd come on back and finished it up, but just left it empty,” Sebald said.

"I thought it was going to be more of a whole pavement, not like you see down the road, just sections missing," Greenwood said.

The sections along the 2.3 mile-road vary in length; some are one to three car length unpaved sections, others much longer.

"They should have paved the whole thing or done nothing at all, just tar and rock it again," McCormack said.

Sebald said there are two other issues.

In front of the house where he lives the road has been banked towards his home, so recent rains created a flooded front yard, something he said didn't happen before the new pavement.

Also, there is a section where rock has been added along one side of the road, which some said is a major concern.

"Let's say a person is walking on this rock right here, just flips right off the side," Sebald said and added: "imagine a car trying to correct on this spot right here if they suddenly hit the rocks and go back into the road, could you imagine the damage that could be done in the ditch alone?!”.

CBS 6 called VDOT about residents’ concerns and were told a crew was sent to survey the area. On Monday afternoon, VDOT released this statement to CBS 6:

"VDOT recently patched portions of Horseshoe Road with asphalt to smooth out the riding surface and provide enhanced safety. Additional work on the roadways shoulders will be complete within the next few weeks. Residents are encouraged to continue to call VDOT's customer service center by phone at 800-367-7623 (FOR-ROAD) or online at with any questions or concerns."

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