Here is a list of candidates that have filed for local offices to run in the November 7, 2017 General Election.  They are listed in the order in which they filed so placement on the ballott in November should be in this order.

District 1 Board of Supervisors:             
Floyd M. Brown Jr.              04/24/2017
Joseph Wallace                   06/10/2017
Shayne Bridgman                06/13/2017

District 2 Board of Supervisors:             
William “Bill” Robertson   03/22/2017                                                William “Bill” Gandel        04/17/2017                                            Marlene Waymack           06/13/2017

District 1 School Board: 
Sharon Jadrnak                   05/24/2017                                           Robert E. L. Eley                  06/05/2017

District 2 School Board: 
Leila Holmes                        05/01/2017                                            Chris Johnson                      06/08/2017