Comcast Xfinity Announces Channel Lineup Changes for Prince George County Subscribers

Comcast sent a letter to Prince George County announcing channel lineup changes for Xfinity customers in the County.  The changes will take affect on or around June 15.

All of the customer's current channels from 1-999 will remain the same.  Channels 1000 and above will be grouped together in channel neighborhoods.  

DVR recordings, favorites, and parental controls will not be affected for X1 customers.  Customers who do not have X1 will need to update their favorites after the switch.  If customers have Comcast's digital adapters, those devices will continue to receive all their current channels plus the new 4-digit channels in the News Neighborhood genre.

Xfinity customers will receive a notice of the update in the mail and are encouraged to learn about the changes by going to and searching "channel neighborhoods".

For a copy of the letter received by the County, click here.  Any questions should be directed to Comcast directly.