The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) continues to meet with state and federal permitting agencies to make sure that the necessary requirements for a permit are met. As the project team works through the permitting process updates will be sent on a quarterly basis to provide information as the Project progresses.

A final decision has not been made on construction of the Project. It is anticipated permit decisions will be made sometime during the Summer, 2016, by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Environmental Quality and the Virginia Maritime Resources Commission. The Project will also be scored under a new law, House Bill 2 (HB2), based on an objective data-driven process. In addition, a Record of Decision on the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement that is currently being prepared must be received from the Federal Highway Administration. Once the necessary environmental decisions have been made and the Project is scored, the Commonwealth Transportation Board will decide whether or not to advance the Project for further design and construction.


The overall purpose of the Route 460 improvements is to construct a facility that is consistent with the functional classification of the corridor, sufficiently addresses safety, mobility and evacuation needs, and adequately accommodates freight traffic along the Route 460 corridor. Support for such improvements is based on identified needs to address roadway deficiencies, improve safety, accommodate increasing freight traffic, reduce travel delay, provide adequate evacuation capability, improve strategic military connectivity, and support local economic development plans.

Visit the project website for more information, and stay tuned for future E-Updates. The project team can be reached by toll-free information line at 1-855-460-4600 or info@Route460Project.org.

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