February 15 Meeting Recap
BOS Elects Donald Hunter
To Vice Chairman Post

The Board of Supervisors at its February 14 meeting broke a stalemate and elected District 2 Supervisor Donald Hunter as Vice Chairman for 2017.

It took three meetings for the BOS to decide its choice. Hunter was unanimously elected after District 1 Supervisor Jerry Skalsky decided no longer to pursue the position. The two had been previously deadlocked by 2-2 votes at the January 10 & 24 meetings.

Supervisor T.J. Webb is still recovering from an industrial accident and missed the meeting.

Hunter is serving his first term on the Board of Supervisors after previously holding the Office of Sheriff in Prince George County. He is also the County’s Deputy Coordinator of Emergency Management.

Other matters to come before the BOS at its worksession & meeting:

• Received Staff report on a proposed Solar Energy Ordinance.

• Received a report on the Trespassing Ordinance and ways the Police Department will further enforce violations.

• Received a report on the Taxi Cab Ordinance and changes in the Police Department’s responsibilities relative to inspecting cabs.

• Presented Commendation to Tanveer Singh Sodhi upon attainment of Eagle Scout.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution commending Paula Moegling upon her retirement from the Treasurer’s Office.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution commending Sally Neblett upon her retirement in the Circuit Court’s office.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution approving an agreement between Prince George County and VDOT for adjustment of Water Facilities.

• Approved on the Consensus Agenda an appropriation of $34,209.76 for ‘Four for Life’ Grant.

• Unanimously approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution proclaiming February as Black History Month.

• Received the monthly report from VDOT.

• Received a report from the Hopewell-Prince George Chamber of Commerce.

• Received a report on the Veterans Housing Unit at Riverside Regional Jail.

• Received a report on Property Maintenance.

• Received a presentation by Prince George Electric Co-Op on its new Broadband Program.

• Unanimously approved a resolution authorizing application for National Highway Safety Grant for $27,140

• Discussed Staff submittal of Department Annual Reports.

• Unanimously approved canceling the March 15 Budget Worksession because of other meeting conflicts.