Snow Safety -- Frostbite

As you enjoy the outdoor adventures in the snow, be sure to stay safe and take precaution in regards to common seasonal childhood injuries like frostbite while you're out there having fun!

Here are some tips on what to do if you suspect your child has frostbite:

  • Bring your child indoors immediately.
  • Remove all wet clothing. Wet clothes draw heat away from the body.
  • Immerse chilled body parts in warm (not hot) water for 20 to 30 minutes until all sensation returns. Don't let your child control the water temperature during rewarming. Numb hands won't feel the heat and can be severely burned by water that is too hot. Body heat also can be used to rewarm.
  • Don't use heating pads, stoves, fireplaces, or radiators to rewarm because the affected skin can be numb and easily burn.
For more information, here is one article on frostbite for reference from WebMD:  Frostbite:  How to Spot, Treat and Prevent It.