September 10 Meeting Recap

BOS Approved the Transfer of Budgeted Funds Within the County-Wide CIP Fund for PGHS HVAC System

The BOS at its September 10 meeting voted unanimously to approve the transfer of budgeted funds within the County-wide CIP Fund. The transfers will move unexpended funds within the CIP fund to address needed repairs to the Prince George High School HVAC system. Dr. Lisa Pennycuff, School Superintendent, informed the Board that this is their most critical area of need.

Other matters to come before the BOS at its meeting and work session:

• Received a report on the E-Summons Program

• Received a report on a US Census Complete County Committee.

• Received a report on a Food Trucks Ordinance Amendment.

• Received an update on fuel tank emergency on September 9.

• Approved on consent an appropriation in the amount of $24,275 for a Police vehicle.

• Approved on consent a Memorandum of Understanding between Prince George County Police Department and Prince George County School Division.

• Approved on consent a proclamation declaring September 11, 2019 and each succeeding year as First Responders Day in Prince George County.

• Received a maintenance report from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

• Received a report on the Back to School Fair.

• Received a report on National Night Out.

• Received an update on the new walking trail.

• Received a report on the Prince George Fire and EMS Explorers Program.

• Received an update on Beechwood Manor emergency utility repairs.

• Received a report on Board of Supervisors Economic Interest Training.

• Unanimously approved an appropriation of unexpended FY2018-19 budgets to FY2019-20 in the amount of $1,190,455.90 for grants, donations, and Capital funds.

• Unanimously approved a budget amendment and appropriation in the amount of $31,028 for the Comprehensive Services Act.

• Unanimously appointed Ms. Helen Leonard to the Social Services Advisory Board.

• Unanimously appointed Mr. Christopher Jennings and Ms. Stephanie Nelson to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission.

• Unanimously approved the recommendation of Mr. Raymond Everett to Circuit Court for an appointment on the Board of Equalization and Assessments.

• Unanimously tabled an appointment to the South Centre Corridors Resource Conservation and Development Council to October 8.

• Held a public hearing and unanimously approved a special exception request of Judy Bland, Pamela Bland, and Stephanie Bland Harris to permit an assembly hall use.

• Held a public hearing and unanimously approved an ordinance amendment by adding a permitted use in an M-3 Heavy Industrial District.

• Held a public hearing and unanimously approved a rezoning request of SI Virginia II, LLC.

• Held a public hearing and unanimously approved a Planned Unit Development to permit a food truck.