Contact Person:
Chief Keith Early
Prince George County Police

May 9, 2016

(Prince George, VA) – Public Safety Annual Taxi Cab Inspection

Prince George County Police and Fort Lee Police inspected 133 taxis between May 4th and the 6th of May. This annual exercise between the two Agencies is conducted to make sure taxis are in compliance with certain rules, to include; consistent paint jobs, logos, identifying marks, and vehicle safety.

Officers examined paperwork, headlights, turn signals, tire treads, and air conditioners. They tested windows and windshield wipers. So as taxi drivers pulled onto Fort Lee last week, the opening of the three day inspection window, their cabs looked freshly washed, vacuumed and ready for inspection. The goals of the examinations are to help ensure that our residents and soldiers have a clean and safe commute from taxi cabs operating in our area. Fort Lee Police and Prince George Police also conduct unannounced checks across the County and on the Military Base throughout the year to ensure compliance.

For more questions regarding this or other programs, please contact the Community Policing Unit at 804-863-1847.