April 26 Meeting Recap

BOS Holds Public Hearing;
Moves Budget Vote Up to May 10

The Board of Supervisors at its April 26 meeting held a public hearing on the FY ’17 Budget and moved a possible vote to the May 10 meeting.

Nobody from the public spoke for or against the Budget, which was first proposed by County Administrator Percy Ashcraft on February 23. The Board of Supervisors has since held several worksessions and made modifications to the Budget.

Ashcraft outlined the current status of the Budget before the public hearing. The highlights:

The overall Budget is estimated at $112,043,230, with the General Fund being $52,574,967.

When the Budget was proposed, there were two adjustments in revenue that were proposed.

(a) The first was a four-cent increase on the real estate tax that adjusted the rate to $0.86 per $100 of assessed value. A public hearing was held on April 12 and the BOS unanimously approved this increase. This amounts to approximately $1 million.

(b) The second was eliminating the current exemption on timber property that would have generated approximately $585,840. The Board agreed at its first Budget worksession not to pursue this and the current exemption remains.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding with the School Board, the Public School Division will receive a General Fund transfer of $15,512,206 in this proposal. Also proposed was $800,000 in new school bus purchases. That amount has been reduced to $574,000 for six new buses.

Three positions are recommended to be added to the Position Control Chart: (1) an Economic Development specialist; (2) a second part-time attorney; and (3) an additional patrol officer and elimination of a Captain’s position.

Included is $7,529,889 in debt retirement, with $4,154,789 going for Public School Division projects.

This budget maintains funding for volunteer companies, including special programs such as the Line of Duty Act and Length of Service Awards Program.

This budget includes almost $1 million for capital projects and equipment to be paid out of the General Fund.

This Budget now includes a one percent salary increase for all employees, and also includes a 10 percent increase for employee health insurance costs.

By state law, the Budget must be adopted by the Board of Supervisors by June 30.

Other matters to come before the BOS at its meeting:

  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution proclaiming May 1-7 Drinking Water Week.
  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution approving a waiver of certain permit fees for the Prince George Rotary Foundation.
  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution appropriating $101,904 for Fire Program Funds.
  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution proclaiming May 15-21 National Police Week.
  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda a resolution of Commendation to Scott Firestine for his service to the Appomattox Regional Library.
  • Presented a Commendation to Eagle Scott Preston Ramsey.
  • Received a report from Cheryl Simmers of the Rowanty Technical Center.
  • Received the Quarterly Financial Report from Finance Director Betsy Drewry.
  • Unanimously approved a resolution authorizing Staff to advertise a public hearing for re-naming Voting Precinct for Blackwater District.
  • Unanimously approved the Employee Health Insurance plan for FY ’17.
  • Unanimously approved a road improvement project for Prince George Drive that does not include a turn lane onto Pole Run Road.
  • Adjourned to Thursday, May 5 at 6 p.m. for a joint meeting with the Prince George School Board.