June 12 Meeting Recap

BOS Approves Phase I Of
Employee Salary Plan

 The Board of Supervisors at its June 12 meeting approved the first phase of a comprehensive employee salary plan that is aimed to raise salaries to stay consistent with market values.


By unanimous vote, the BOS gave the nod to begin the implementation of the plan that was first commissioned at the end of 2017 by County Administrator Percy Ashcraft.  Evergreen Solutions prepared the data and gave a presentation of the results to the BOS in its Worksession that preceded the Regular meeting. 

The actions of the BOS accomplish several things for County employees through the pay plan: 

(1)   Reclasses 15 employees from Exempt to Non-Exempt status to be compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) 

(2)   Makes classification changes to 37 positions. 

(3)   Implements new pay grades/ranges for sworn Police Officers. 

(4)   Implements new pay grades/ranges for 45.5 other employees. 

(5)   Gave pay increases generally to all employees based on their salary range. 

The total cost of the pay package is $640,685. 

            Other matters to come before the BOS at its Workession and Meeting: 

  • Discussed generally street lighting throughout Prince George County and directed Staff to bring forth a policy. 
  • Directed Staff to move forward with pursuing a water intake permit on the Appomattox River. 
  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda a budget amendment & appropriation of $119,434 in Fire Program Funds. 
  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda a donation of a Police vehicle to Crater Training Academy. 
  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda a Memorandum of Understanding between the Police Department and Crater Youth Care Commission. 
  • Received the monthly VDOT report. 
  • Received an update from Prince George Electric Cooperative on the Broadband project. 
  • Unanimously approved a resolution authorizing advertisement of a public hearing to consider the leasing of space, on and next, to the water tank on Sawmill Road to Verizon Wireless. 
  • Unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the Police Department to complete and submit a Port Security Grant application for a Police Boat. 
  • Rejected by a 4-0 vote an ambulance service agreement between Prince George County and John Randolph Medical Center TriCities Emergency Center.  Supervisor Waymack was absent. 
  • Deferred until the July 10 meeting a resolution to rescind action on April 28, 2015 and approve eligibility for members of the Board of Supervisors to participate in the County’s group health, dental & vision insurance plans. 
  • Unanimously approved authorization to advertise a public hearing on a lease agreement for use of property at New Scott Park for an Adventure Park. 
  • Unanimously approved a resolution for acceptance of easements for a fence along Union Branch Road and appropriation of subsequent funds. 
  • Unanimously approved a resolution to transfer $300,000 in School Carry-Over funds to the Capital Improvement Project Fund. 
  • Unanimously appropriated $116,080,356 to fund the FY ’19 Budget. 
  • Unanimously re-appointed Carol Bowman to the Petersburg Area Regional Tourism (PART) Corporation. 
  • Unanimously re-appointed E.T. Drewry to the Recreation Advisory Commission. 
  • Unanimously deferred appointment to the Appomattox Regional Library Board. 
  • Unanimously re-appointed Chairman Carmichael and Don Vtipil, Andy Petik & Larry Barnett to the Capital Improvements Planning Committee. 
  • Unanimously approved members to the Comprehensive Services Community Policy & Management Team (CPMT). 
  • Unanimously appointed Clarence Jackson to the Regional Building Code Appeals Board. 
  • Held a public hearing and unanimously approved an ordinance amendment to designate the Planning Manager as the Director of Planning. 
  • Held a public hearing and unanimously approved a solar energy facility near 17401 Wards Creek Road.