Date:  Thursday March 23, 2017 (03/23/17)

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6:30 p.m. 

I.         Call to Order Chariman Joyner

II.        Roll Call Brockwell Absent

III.      Invocation Mr. Brown

IV.       Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag Mrs Elder

V.        Approval of Meeting Minutes – February 23, 2017 Approved 6-0

VI.      Citizen Comment Period No public comments were provided

VII.     New Business:

SPECIAL EXCEPTION SE-17-01 Request of True2Life Taxidermy, LLC pursuant to § 90-243 (5) to permit a home professional and trade office to operate a taxidermy shop in an attached garage located at 5555 Courthouse Road and Tax Map 23B(01)00-002-B in an R-2, Limited Residential District and the Comprehensive Plan calls for residential use. Pubic Hearing was held with public comments in support of the request and the hearing was closed - the Applicant was absent and the Planning Commission deferred the Special Exception request until Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.

ORDINANCE AMENDMENT OA-17-01 ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE CODE OF THE COUNTY OF PRINCE GEORGE, VIRGINIA, 2005, AS AMENDED, BY AMENDING §§ 90-1; 90-53; 90-103; 90-152; 90-202; 90-242; 90-292; 90-342; 90-393; 90-443; 90-493; AND TO ADD §§ 90-16; 90-54; 90-104; 90-160; 90-210; 90-250; 90-300; 90-350; 90-398; 90-450; 90-500; 90-542; AND 90-551, TO ALLOW THE ACCESSORY USE OF SOLAR FACILITIES, AND TO ALLOW SMALL SOLAR ENERGY FACILITIES AND LARGE-SCALE SOLAR ENERGY FACILITIES BY SPECIAL EXCEPTION IN ALL ZONING DISTRICTS, EXCEPT FOR THE M-3 DISTRICT, WHERE THEY SHALL BE PERMITTED BY RIGHT. Public Hearing was held with public comment in support of the Zoning Ordinance Amendment; Recommended Approval onto the Board of Supervisors 6-0 

COMMENDATION FOR SERVICE – CHARLES D. “Chuck” BROWN to the Prince George County Planning Commission from December 1, 2014 until March 31, 2017. 

VIII.    Communications 

    1. Actions of the Board of Zoning Appeals March 27th Meeting cancelled
    1. Actions of the Board of Supervisors March 14th CIP Funding discussed
    1. General Comments to the Commission No land use cases for April 27th