Date:  Thursday November 17, 2016 (11/17/16)

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THURSDAY, November 17, 2016

7:30 p.m.

 Agenda Results

 I.        Call to Order Chairman Bresko

II.        Roll Call Mr. Brockwell Absent

III.       Invocation Mr. Simmons

IV.        Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag Mr. Joyner

V.         Approval of Meeting Minutes – October 27, 2016 Approved by a 6-0 vote

VI.       Citizen Comment Period No comments provided during comment period

VII.       New Business:  General discussion of solar power station siting policy

VIII.      Communications 

    1. Actions of the Board of Zoning Appeals 11/28/16 BZA Meeting Canceled 
    1. Actions of the Board of Supervisors Approved the Jefferson Pointe Apartments Rezoning Case and the Zoning Amendment Case at their November 9th Board Meeting; will hear the Fludd Rezoning Case at 13000 South Crater Road at their November 22nd Meeting  
    1. General Comments to the Commission No zoning cases scheduled for the December 15th Planning Commission Meeting; we will continue to work on the solar power station siting policy and a draft of a solar ordinance  

 IX.        Adjournment 8:15 p.m. 

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Thursday, December 15, 2016