2015 Planning Commission Members

Floyd M. Brown, Chairman

Alex Willie Bresko, Jr., Vice-Chairman

Joseph E. Simmons

V. Clarence Joyner, Jr.

R. Stephen Brockwell

Imogene S. Elder

James A. Easter

Secretary To The Planning Commission

Douglas C. Miles, CZA, Planning Manager

Planning Commission and Staff Updates

The Planning Commission elected Floyd M. Brown as its Chairman, and Alex W. Bresko, Jr. as its Vice-Chairman, for 2015. The Prince George County Board of Supervisors re-appointed V. Clarence Joyner, Jr. to the Planning Commission for a four year term. Chuck Brown, Office Associate II, completed his first full year in the Planning Division by providing research support to the Planning Commission.

Section 15.2-221, of the Code of Virginia, as amended, prescribes the duties of the local planning commission. Among other things, these duties include a requirement to make recommendations and to provide an annual report to the governing body concerning the operation of the commission and the status of planning within its jurisdiction.

2015 Summary
The Planning Division received twenty two (22) applications for Subdivisions, Boundary Line Adjustments and Consolidations and they received seven (7) Site Plan applications and one (1) new Second Dwelling request and processed twelve (12) renewals. They also issued one hundred and eighty three (183) zoning approvals for new professional businesses and home occupation uses in the county.

New County businesses included several new medical office facilities; such as Neuro-Care of Virginia, Prince George Dental Services, Virginia Cancer Institute, Living Spirit Massage Therapy Office and The Herb Basket Massage Therapy Office uses. Along with other new professional business uses that included the Paul and Perdue Law Office in the Prince George Village, KIDCO Academy Child Care Center on Route 156 and Believe-N-U Academic Development Center on the Jefferson Park Corridor that operates a state licensed private school for autism and other child development services.

Full Summary
In 2015, the Planning Commission reviewed the new tower siting policy. Staff continued to work on ordinance amendments in order to comply with newly adopted legislation by the General Assembly and work continued on updates to the Zoning Ordinance and illustrative efforts through a new Design Standards Guide for use by architects, developers, engineers, surveyors that perform work in our commercial corridors and industrial parks.

In 2015, Two (2) applications for rezoning were submitted and heard before the Planning Commission, Brickhouse Landing Section 2 which amended the master plan by reducing the density and utilizing better development standards. Stay-Over- Storage conditionally rezoned .5 acres from R-A, Residential Agricultural to B-1, General Business District adding it to the adjacent 6.125 acres for a new storage facility. There were twelve (12) Special Exception requests submitted and heard before the Planning Commission; including a Verizon Wireless Tower on Butler Branch Road, Stay Over Storage One and Two, Living Spirit Massage Therapy Office, a Verizon Wireless Tower on Hines Road, the Hatch Large Equine Training School, Wilkinson Oil and Propane, Inc. Satellite Facility, KIDCO Child Care Academy, Inc., The Herb Basket Massage Therapy Office, Life Empowerment Ministries Church in the Prince George Village and the Believe-N-U Academic Development Center and Private School.

In 2015, two (2) Zoning Ordinance Amendments were heard before the Planning Commission: the FEMA Coastal In-land Floodplain Maps along the James River and the Commercial and Agricultural Tall Grass Ordinance Amendment. Please reference the attached 2015 Active Project Log for all of the cases that were heard by the Prince George County Planning Commission in 2015.

The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) subcommittee was led by Chairman Joe Simmons and Vice Chairman Jim Easter, with the department director and planning manager from Community Development and the Finance Director that providing staff support to the subcommittee. An FY15/16 Adopted Budget Report is attached that summarizes the work of the CIP subcommittee throughout 2015.