County of Prince George

 Planning Commission 

2016 Annual Report 

January – December 2016  

 Adopted by the Planning Commission:   January 26, 2017 

2016 Planning Commission Members 

Alex Willie Bresko, Jr., Chairman 

V. Clarence Joyner, Jr., Vice-Chairman 

Floyd M. Brown 

R. Stephen Brockwell 

Imogene S. Elder 

James A. Easter 

Joseph E. Simmons 

Secretary To The Planning Commission

Douglas C. Miles, CZA, Planning Manager

 Planning Commission Officers and Appointments 

 The Planning Commission elected Alex Willie Bresko, Jr. as its Chairman, and V. Clarence Joyner, Jr., as its Vice-Chairman, for 2016.  The Prince George County Board of Supervisors re-appointed Mr. Alex Willie Bresko, Jr. and Mrs. Imogene S. Elder to serve again on the Planning Commission for new four (4) year terms. 


Section 15.2-221, of the Code of Virginia, as amended, prescribes the duties of the local planning commission.  Among other things, these duties include a requirement to make recommendations and to provide an annual report to the governing body concerning the operation of the commission and the status of planning within its jurisdiction.  This document seeks to meet this Virginia State Code requirement as a direct linkage between the Prince George County Planning Commission and the Prince George County Board of Supervisors. 

 Planning Administrative Review Summary: 

The Planning Division received eighteen (18) applications for Subdivisions, Boundary Line Adjustments and Consolidations and they received fourteen (14) Site Plan applications and twelve (12) Administrative Second Dwelling renewals. They also issued one hundred and seventy one (171) zoning approvals for new professional businesses and home occupation business uses within the County.

New Prince George County businesses included two (2) new medical office facilities: Crossroads Treatment Center and Mid-Atlantic Kidney Center. Along with other new professional business uses that included the Vaughan's Custom Craftsmanship Building, Cedar Springs Fitness Center (former Curves Fitness Center), Splat Brothers Paintball Facility and Monroe Grill (former Sylvia’s Grill).  

The Planning Division reviewed fourteen (14) site plan submittals which included: Southpoint Business Park Lot 14 Hardware Drive, the I-95 Exit 45 Gateway Revitalization Project Site Plan, Strosnider Chevrolet Parking Expansion Plan, Tinsley Charter Subdivision Sections 6-8, the HCA Freestanding Emergency Room Facility located in front of Colonial Harley-Davidson, Pomplun Truck Terminal located off Rives Road, Carden Condominiums Renewal Site Plan, New Luca's Restaurant, New Oakley Tank Lines Truck Terminal, Star Express Travel Center located on Route 301 near Nanny’s Restaurant, Pine Ridge Mobile Home Park Expansion Site Plan on Route 156, the Community Center Parking Lot Expansion Plan, Davis Circle D Convenience Store Relocation Site Plan and the Metal Span Building Revision Site Plan located in Southpoint Business Park. 

 Planning Commission Case Summary: 

In 2016, five (5) Rezoning applications and one (1) Zoning Case Amendment were submitted and heard before the Planning Commission. Prince George County conditionally rezoned 5.7 acres from R-1, Limited Residential to A-1, General Agricultural to permit certain A-1 land uses to include a future fire station on State Route 10.  The Vtipil family rezoned 65 acres adjacent to Branchester Lakes Subdivision on State Route 156 from R-1, Limited Residential to R-A, Residential Agricultural District for future family divisions and for farming use. 

Jefferson Pointe Apartments on Jefferson Park Road conditionally rezoned 3.4 acres from B-1, General Business to R-3, General Residential to permit the construction of two (2) apartment buildings along with the replacement of the existing clubhouse. The new clubhouse facility will contain two stories and it will include a second floor fitness gym and an outdoor competition pool will be built behind the new clubhouse to replace the existing pool use.  Jefferson Pointe Apartments amended their case conditions relative to the number of permitted bedrooms, the approved floor plans, elevations, the interior finishes, the siding materials and the deletion of the existing recreational facilities for the apartment residents.  They provided a cash proffer to address County public school facility improvements at either Beazley Elementary or at Prince George High School.

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores, Inc. conditionally rezoned 72.4 acres from R-A, Residential - Agricultural to B-1, General Business District and 9.1 acres from B-1, General Business to B-1, General Business District to permit retail stores, restaurants and service station uses on US 460 at State Route 156.   Mrs. Fludd rezoned two (2) parcels consisting of 3.3 acres from B-1, General Business to the A-1, General Agricultural District in order to sell her existing house and detached garage that was blanket zoned as B-1 Zoning in 1965. 

There were two (2) Special Exception requests submitted and heard before the Planning Commission.  The first included the expansion of Pine Ridge Mobile Home Park through the construction of a 12�€���inch water main approximately ½ mile along State Route 156 allowing for connection to the County water system.  Sun Pool 1, LLC proposed to add 131 additional home sites, to construct a community clubhouse, remodel and update the rental office, relocate and improve the community playgrounds, to include new playground equipment, to modify the site drainage and to reduce ponding water near Cardinal and Wren Streets, and perform upgrades to road sections, site landscaping, signage and the common open space area for the residents.  The second request included the existing Splat Brothers Paintball Facility being approved to permit an outdoor recreational facility within an R-A, Residential Agricultural District with the request property being located at 13712 Moody Road, on the east line of Moody Road off State Route 10, that included a commercial well and a restroom facilities building. 

Planning Commission Subcommittee:  

The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) subcommittee was led by Chairman Joe Simmons and Vice Chairman Jim Easter, and the Community Development Director and Planning Manager and the Finance Director and Financial Reporting Accountant provided staff support to the subcommittee for its recommendations.  

Planning Division Staff Communications:  

Douglas C. Miles, CZA, continues to serve on the Virginia Association of Zoning Officials (VAZO) Executive Committee as the Regional Director for the Richmond and Tri-Cities area. In order to assist area zoning staff members with educational credits to maintain a CZO, Certified Zoning Official or a CZA, Certified Zoning Administrator state certification. VAZO Legal training sessions do keep area staff members current on Virginia State Code requirements and any changes as they relate to both the Board of Zoning Appeals and to the Planning Commission.  

Mr. Miles and the Town of Ashland Planning Director co-hosted the 2016 VAZO Statewide Fall Conference at the Midlothian Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center with 135 VAZO attendees on training topics that included: a 2016 General Assembly Update; FEMA Floodplain Best Management Practices; Regional Transportation Planning and Funding; Zoning Enforcement Practices and Preparing for Court Cases; and Tiny Houses and zoning requirements for them.   

Mr. Miles also attended the Fall 2016 Virginia Rural Planning Caucus Conference that included training on topics such as: Large Scale solar energy facilities and Small Scale wind facilities siting requirements; Agri-Tourism Festival and Special Event requirements and conditions; and a 2016 Virginia General Assembly Update from a rural perspective and a Legal Land Use update on recent Court cases and rulings and civil versus criminal zoning enforcement actions update.