2014 BZA Annual Report
2015 BZA Annual Report
2016 BZA Annual Report

     2016 Board of Zoning Appeals Members 

William D. Kreider, Chairman

Erma R. Brown, Vice Chairwoman

Charles G. Leonard

Linda E. McAllister

Carol Dois Woodward

 Secretary to the Board of Zoning Appeals 

Douglas C. Miles, CZA, Zoning Administrator


§15.2-2308 (C), of the Code of Virginia, as amended, prescribes the duties of the local Board of Zoning Appeals and one duty is to provide an annual report to the Board of Supervisors.  It specifically states “The board shall keep a full public record of its proceedings and shall submit a report of its activities to the governing body or bodies at least once each year” This document seeks to meet this Virginia State Code requirement as a direct linkage between the Prince George County Board of Zoning Appeals and the Prince George County Board of Supervisors.

 2016 Meeting Summary:

February 22, 2016 – The Board of Zoning Appeals held their 2016 Organizational Meeting in the Planning Conference Room and elected William D. Kreider as Chairman and Erma R. Brown as Vice Chairwoman for 2016.  They approved the 2016 Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting dates and times at 7:30 p.m. and approved the 2015 Board of Zoning Appeals Annual Report.  Their January 25, 2016 BZA Organizational Meeting was postponed to February 22, 2016 due to inclement weather. 

October 24, 2016 – The Board of Zoning Appeals held their 2016 Work Session Meeting in the Planning Conference Room. The BZA Secretary provided a general update on the 2016 Virginia General Assembly actions that did not include any new State Code revisions affecting the Board of Zoning Appeals.  There were significant changes on the new residential proffers that are offered up in residential conditional rezoning cases and that are heard by both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.  These funds would be directly ties to a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) project as ranked by Staff and approved by the Planning Commission.

 The Board of Zoning Appeals discussed what would be required to change the BZA By-Laws on electing a Chairman and Vice Chairman each year for the BZA.  The BZA Secretary provided information from Virginia State Code §15.2-2308 (c) that states: “the board shall elect from its own membership its officers who shall serve annual terms and may succeed themselves” The BZA currently follows this process but some members were concerned that the Chair and Vice Chair position were not changing as is the general practice with the Planning Commission where their Chairman and Vice Chairman change on an annual basis for better professional development on the Planning Commission.

Mrs. Woodward indicated that she brought this item up in February to allow for an opportunity for professional development on the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The BZA at the Work Session requested to change their meeting date start times from 7:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. going forward into 2017.  There was a positive discussion on the start time changing from 6:30 p.m. The BZA Secretary stated that County Staff would advertise their 2017 BZA Meeting times to start at 6:30 p.m. in 2017.

Board of Zoning Appeals Communications:

Douglas C. Miles, CZA, Secretary to the BZA, continues to serve on the Virginia Association of Zoning Officials (VAZO) Executive Committee as the Regional Director for the Richmond and Tri-Cities Area. In order to assist area zoning staff members with educational credits to maintain a CZO, Certified Zoning Official or a CZA, Certified Zoning Administrator state certification. VAZO Legal training sessions keep area staff members current on Virginia State Code requirements and any changes as they relate to both the BZA and to the Planning Commission.

Mr. Miles and the Town of Ashland Planning Director co-hosted the 2016 VAZO Statewide Fall Conference at the Midlothian Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center with 135 VAZO attendees on training topics that included: a 2016 General Assembly Update; FEMA Floodplain Management Practices; Regional Transportation Planning and Funding; Zoning Enforcement Practices and Preparing for Court Cases; and Tiny Houses and zoning requirements for them. 

Mr. Miles also attended the Fall 2016 Virginia Rural Planning Caucus Conference that included training on topics such as: Large Scale solar energy facilities and Small Scale wind facilities siting requirements; Agri-Tourism Festival and Special Event requirements and conditions; and a 2016 Virginia General Assembly Update from a rural perspective and a Legal Land Use update on recent Court cases and rulings and civil versus criminal zoning enforcement actions.