February 6 - BOS Gets First Glimpse of FY '19 Budget at Worksession Tonight - The Prince George Board of Supervisors... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2UtUi1G

December 7 - General Assembly Members Receive Prince George County Legislative Proposals - Members of the General... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2SlQm4b.

October 31 - Being Voted the 'Best' is Proud Moment for Prince George County - To some it might seem like a random... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2RXVhRw

October 20 - The Super Kids Looking to Finish Group Home Phase 1 - The Super Kids Ministries (SKM) is seeking your help... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2RAxvfO.

October 12 - First Experience with GO Virginia a Bit Disheartening - In its effort to reorganize its economic... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2QwLVkX

October 5 - Workforce Credential Grants Offer Hope to Anxious Workforce - The Class of 2018 is on target to... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2Qh4oZQ.

September 29 - Drug Court Offers Help to Those Willing to Help Themselves - A milestone of 15 years was celebrated... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2QSehl1.

September 22 - Future Water & Wastewater Planning Vital for Growth of the Tri-Cities Region - Our region, particularly... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2QG6LhM

September 18 - 35 Years & Going Strong for PG Food Bank & Clothes Closet - What began in a small room with a small... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2Q7XchB

September 12 - Prince George Farm Bureau Still Celebrating Tradition - It is good to see that some things don’t change,... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2PwoQu1.

September 7 - Active Shooter Training Essential Because You Never Know When & Where Tragedy May Unfold - Prince George... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2PljZK2.

September 6 - Prince George County Business Icon to Change Management Hands - Sebera’s, known for its restaurant, gas &... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2PjdO_k.

September 5 - Huge Effort Underway to Transition Soldiers after Military Service. - Community leaders who make up the... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2PhXCoM.

August 31 - Roundup: Prince George Trio Helping the Victims of Tropical Storm Harvey; Youth Workforce Academy Holds Graduation - There is certainly a large number of... http://percyashcraft.tumblr.com/post/164836726746/roundup-prince-george-trio-helping-the-victims-of

August 23, 2017 - Big Lots Will Help Bridge the Taxation Gap in Prince George County - http://percyashcraft.tumblr.com/post/164525197781/big-lots-will-help-bridge-the-taxation-gap-in

August 22, 2017 -Political Roundup: VACo Reps Hear from Gubernatorial Candidates - - http://percyashcraft.tumblr.com/post/164486663376/political-roundup-vaco-reps-hear-from

October 17 - Dominion to Rebuild Line Between PG, Charles City - Dominion Power is proposing to rebuild a portion of... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2DWjfGt.

September 30 - Prince George County Wins Two More Community Awards -  Prince George County is in an “award winning"  mood... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2CnlFUn

August 31 - Youth Workforce Academy Holds Graduation Ceremony - Do you remember your first steady job that you... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2BTxqFh.

August 24 - Prince George County’s largest cable provider... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2B9u1_I.

August 17 - Prince George Rotary will celebrate its 20th year of public... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2Ar-LJv.

August 5 - Weekend Wrapup: Dixie World Series, Stronider Celebrating 50 Years, Harbor Blast Concert & Much, Much More... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk2AJwo-z.

July 14 - PG Youth All-Star Play Continues Friday Throughout the State - Jackie Bradley, Jr. isn’t the only all-star... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk29Hu09a.

June 30 - Dixie District 3 Softball Tournament Day 3: PG Teams Advance to Championship Round in All Divisions - Day... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk28eIQlz.

June 28 - Dixie District 3 Softball Tournament Day 2: PG Belles Advance, PG Ponytails, Angels Fall - Day Two of the... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk28YNDn7.

June 24 - Celebrating PG's 313th Birthday; Dixie Youth Tournament; Farmers Market & More - A busy... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk28NGeiY.

June 10 - Weekend Wrapup: PGHS Graduation, Farmers Market, ASA Softball Tourney & More - A warm weekend awaits us... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk27jZF3J.

June 2 - Youth Baseball/Softball Buzzing About Upcoming All-Star Play - The all-star excitement for youth baseball... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk27LE-NY.

May 24 - Hometown Heroes Race Raises Over $8,000 for Scholarships - Before May becomes a faded memory and we look... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk26wsBEs.

May 16 -- Hal Baird to Be Honored at May 17 Prince George-Petersburg Baseball Game - The Prince George High School... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk26YLR9s.

May 13 -- Weekend Wrapup:  Building Dedication, Farmers' Market, Hometown Heroes 5K & Much, Much More -- No Boredom...https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk26PhWja.

May 3 - Visit by District Health Officials A Meeting to Look Forward To - Spring is Budget time for local... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk25wpgGk.

April 22 - Plant Sale, Yard Sale, Garden Art & More - Here is what is happening in and around Prince... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk25Oxv0g.

 April 18 - New Signs Strike Positive Nerve For Followers of Youth Sports - Sometimes you just strike a nerve within... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk25CBBRY.

April 15 - A busy weekend in and around Prince George... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk252ckvk.

April 8 - Toddler Fair, Bus Driver Fair, Car Show & More - Winter temperatures greet us this... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk24hmCyaT

April 5 - Local Government Education Week Often Reminds Many What They Do Not Know - Every once in a awhile, I like... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk24XhJNl.

April 1 - Weekend Wrapup: 5K Trail Run, Art on Display & More - A not-so-good weather forecast greets us going into... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk24KhZbI.

March 25 -  Weekend Wrapup: River Cleanup, Easter Egg Hunt & More.... - A little rain may be in our forecast this... ttps://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk23xqNxa

March 22 - http://percyashcraft.tumblr.com/post/141492052346/prince-george-dips-in-annual-health-rankings

March 18 - https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk23ZzZeI

March 16 - https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk23T60ml

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March 29 -
Five PGHS Student-Athletes Moving On to the Next Level - Students headed for college!  It is more... https://tmblr.co/ZY_kIk247VKkS