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November 18, 2016

Mr. Percy Ashcraft
County Administrator
Prince George County
PO Box 68
Prince George, VA 23875

RE: Important Information on Price Changes

Dear Mr. Ashcraft:

We are committed to delivering the entertainment and services our customers in Prince George County rely on today, and the new experiences they will love down the road. As we continue to make improvements to our products and services, and as programmers charge more to carry their networks, our cost of doing business increases. As a result, starting December 20, 2016 prices for certain services and fees will be going up.

Fortunately, we've been able to identify some charges to be reduced or eliminated. We've simplified charges for In-Home Service Visits. Customers will no longer be charged seperately for the services performed during a service call and will instead get everything they need - including installation, activation, and relocation of additional outlets after an initial installation of service, in-home service charges and more - all for a flat rate of $40.*

While some prices have increased, we are always investing in technology to drive innovation. We are working hard to bring our customers great value every day adn exciting new developments in the near future, including the following:
  • The most TV shows and movies available On Demand
  • Innovative X1 Voice Remote that makes searching for shows and movies easier
  • Self-service options to save our customers time and adapt to their schedule
  • Access to Netflix content on XFINITY X1
  • Fastest, most reliable in-home WiFi
  • Fastest Internet in America according to
  • More than 14 million WiFi hot spots nationwide
Customers will receive notice about these changes within their bill received after November 19, 2016. A copy of the notice is enclosed. If you have any questions aout these charges, please contact Mr. Yantee Neufville at Comcast at 301-836-9461.


Mr. Yantee Neufville
Manager, Governmetn Affairs-Beltway Region