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Dominion's Hopewell Power Station to burn biomass
Public hearing - April 16, 2012, 6:00pm
Posted Date: 3/26/2012

Public Notice — Environmental Permit

PURPOSE OF NOTICE: To seek public comment and announce a public hearing on a draft permit from the Department of Environmental Quality to limit air pollution from a facility in Hopewell, Virginia. PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: March 17, 2012 to May 1, 2012.

PUBLIC HEARING: HMA Room, Hopewell Public Library, 209 E. Cawson Street, Hopewell, VA on April 16, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.

PERMIT NAME: Prevention of Significant Deterioration Permit issued by DEQ, under the authority of the Air Pollution Control Board.

APPLICANT NAME AND REGISTRATION NUMBER: Virginia Electric and Power Company (Dominion), 51019.

FACILITY NAME AND ADDRESS: Hopewell Power Station, 107 Terminal Street, Hopewell, VA 23860 PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Dominion has applied for a permit to modify the two primary boilers to burn biomass at their Hopewell facility. The facility is classified as a major source of air pollution and is located at 107 Terminal Street, Hopewell. The only pollutant experiencing a significant net emission increase is carbon monoxide. Since there is no air quality increment for carbon monoxide, there will be no increment consumption and no significant deterioration of air quality. The maximum annual emissions of air pollutants from the facility are expected to be: 102.7 tons/yr of particulate matter; 93.5 tons/yr of PM-10, 42.3 tons/yr of sulfur dioxide; 413.7 tons/yr of nitrogen oxides; 917.8 tons/yr of carbon monoxide; 44.3 tons/yr of volatile organic compounds. Dominion proposes to use 6.1 mmbtu/yr heat input to the primary boilers of biomass as fuel. The expected effect on local air quality will be a maximum one-hour carbon monoxide concentration of 386.8 micrograms per cubic meter and a maximum eight-hour carbon monoxide concentration of 126.7 micrograms per cubic meter. These values are substantially less than the one-hour carbon monoxide National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) of 40,000 micrograms per cubic meter and the eight-hour carbon monoxide NAAQS of 10,000 micrograms per cubic meter. HOW TO COMMENT AND/OR REQUEST BOARD CONSIDERATION: DEQ accepts comments and requests for Board consideration by e-mail, fax or postal mail. All comments and requests must be in writing and be received by DEQ during the comment period. Submittals must include the names, mailing addresses and telephone numbers of the commenter/requester and of all persons represented by the commenter/requester. A request for Board consideration must also include: 1) The reason why Board consideration is requested. 2) A brief, informal statement regarding the nature and extent of the interest of the requester or of those represented by the requestor, including how and to what extent such interest would be directly and adversely affected by the permit 3) Specific references, where possible, to terms and conditions of the permit with suggested revisions. Board consideration may be granted if public response is significant, based on individual requests for Board consideration, and there are substantial, disputed issues relevant to the permit.

Contact for public comments, document requests and additional information: Richard Stone; Piedmont Regional Office, 4949-A Cox Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060, Phone: 804-527-5088; E-mail:;Fax: 804-527-5106. The public may review the draft permit and application at the DEQ office named above or may request copies of the documents from the contact person listed above.